Flying h Kenneth

Kenneth - born out of fire, red c/w, 37 cm, US Import

HD A1, ED frei, OCD frei, PL frei

CEA (+/+), prcd-PRA (+/+), HC-HSF4 (+/+), DM (+/+), MDR1 (+/+), CD (+/+), HUU (+/+), CM (+/+)

M-Locus  (m/m)

Gebiss vollständig

Sire: Flying H Case of Shinner 

Dam: Platinum K Blue Eyed Babe

GSire: RB's Wee Axle Unleashed

GDam: Cheyenne Stars Piper Panda

GSire: Jems Platiunum K Magic

GDam: Lone Pine's Diamond Kahlua

KennethPed.pdf (64.76KB)
KennethPed.pdf (64.76KB)