Heartfire,  red merle c/w, 40 cm

HD A1, ED/OCD frei, PL frei

Farbprofil:  at/at   b/b   D/D   E/E   N/N

CEA (+/+), prcd-PRA (+/+), HSF4 (+/+), DM (+/+), MDR1 (+/+),

ECVO Eye certificate alles frei

korrektes Scherengebiss

  • h21
  • h12
  • h31
  • h27
  • h16
  • h18
  • h20
  • h4
  • h26

Sire: Arrow B A Teacup Of Life

Dam: Mystic Eyes To Be Over The Moon

GSire: Peaceful Acres Chip

GDam: Arrow B Tug

GSire: Ivie Farms Little Moons My Heart and My Soul

GDam: Little G Miss Blue Eye

HeartfirePed.pdf (63.13KB)
HeartfirePed.pdf (63.13KB)